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Injection moulds for household appliances. For more than 30 years we have been working for the houshold appliances industry. Today we are the "prefer...
We have acquired a big experience in manufacturing injection-moulds for industrial packaging. The range covers typically these product sectors:  Tr...
Injection moulds - automotive - motorcycles industry We have acquired a big experience in manufacturing injection moulds for automotive sector. Body...
The major strength of Futura Stampi S.r.l. is the diversity of our customers and the wide variety of plastic injection molding industries we serve....


FUTURA STAMPI develops and manufactures injection moulds mainly for the following industries:

 Automotive - Motorcycles

  • Co-development;
  • Bodyparts with industial design;
  • Complex engineparts, covers, filterboxes;
  • Complex parts for motorcycles like bumpers.

 Household Appliance  

  • Co-development;
  • Complete modules for washing machines, parts for refrigerators like covers, bottleholders, drawers...;
  • Technical parts with high complessity like basements for refrigerators, compressor basements...

 Industrial packaging 

  • Complete development (product design, productengineering, injection mould, pre production services...);
  • Transport boxes, waste bins, thin wall bins, (beer) - bottle crates, ecology bins...;
  • Plastic chairs in PP and policarbonate, garden tables... 

 Lighting Industries

  • Dimensions from 18W to 70W and LED lamps;
  • Complete development (Product design, Productengineering, Mold,...);
  • Wall thickness typically 1.1 - 1.6 mm.



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